Adebayo Adegbe

The Fashion Designer

Adebayo Adegbe, a science graduate from Lagos State University, is a multi-talented figure in the fashion and modeling industry. He is a model, modeling instructor, model scout, agent, makeup artist, show choreographer, show producer, and renowned fashion designer, trained in Paris for catwalk and poise coaching.

Despite his science background, Adegbe’s creative side has flourished, leading him to create award-winning costumes for beauty contestants, beauty queens, films, red carpets, musical videos, stage drama, theatre, carnivals, and runways. Although his initial goal was to become a medical doctor, his true passions lie in modeling and fashion. Over the years, he has designed costumes for various prestigious events, including MBGN Ambassador to Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Tourism World/International, Model of the World, Little Miss World, Top Model of the World, Miss Grand International, and Mr. Nigeria competitions.

Adegbe’s educational journey includes studying fashion at the Nobel Training Institute from 1994 to 1995, obtaining a diploma in modeling/model management from Fawaz Training Institute, and earning certificates in stage makeup, costume designing, and wardrobe from ITPAN Training Institute in Gbagada, Lagos. In 2001, he self-sponsored the Modela Agency/Couture Fashion Show, launching his agency and showcasing his dressmaking skills. He formally established Modela Couture as a business in 2004, winning the NFS Nigeria Best Designer of the Year competition on his first attempt.

Recognized by both international and local organizations and magazines, Adegbe is celebrated for his original, unique, and creative African designs that set the standard for Nigerian haute couture. He considers himself a fashion artist rather than a traditional designer, prioritizing uniqueness, excellence, and distinctiveness over trends. His work primarily incorporates African ethnic fabrics, art, craft, and accessories.


Bayo Adegbe - Modela

Adegbe’s extensive modeling career includes working for brands like Odua, Odua Originals (Deola Sagoe), Dakova, Patsie Creation, Samselly Fashion, and more. He has been a consistent presence in the fashion and modeling industry for many decades.

His design inspiration stems from nature, African arts and crafts, interactions with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnic markets across Africa, and folklore. He incorporates a wide range of accessories, from wooden beads to leather, buttons, cowries, safety pins, brooms, crystal beads, sea shells, coconut shells, gemstones, rhinestones, fiberglass, feathers, and raffia, creating a unique blend of ethnic and contemporary elements.

Adegbe’s creations are elaborate collector’s items fit for royalty and opulent individuals. He is a highly acclaimed, multi-award-winning fashion creator and costumier, having received over 45 awards by the end of 2019. His collections are known for their breathtaking, mixed-media designs, making a significant impact at fashion shows, beauty competitions, and red carpet-events. Alongside other innovative fashion creators, Adegbe has transformed the fashion scene in Nigeria and the continent, showcasing his avant-garde collections worldwide since 2004, placing Nigeria on the global fashion map.

He has exhibited his work in major cities worldwide, including Paris, South Africa, Pakistan, and the USA. Currently, he serves as the creative director and style consultant for the Calabar Carnival’s Seagull band since 2015 and the official designer for the Delta State Carnival’s Ogwachi Ukwu Carnival since 2014.

Adebayo Adegbe, often referred to as the King of Fashion with a focus on costume making, enjoys a fulfilling family life with a loving marriage and children while being surrounded by models, aspiring designers, and friends.


Who We Are

The MODELA COUTURE and Agency is established under the CAC law of Nigeria governing companies. We provide services in Haute Couture dress making, training, consultancy, grooming, styling, fashion show and beauty pageant production, carnival costumes creation etc. We are next shop/ next stop centre for costume making in general located on the mainland in Lagos, Nigeria.

FUTURE: To see that Nigerians dress Nigerian and are proud to wear made in Nigeria by Nigeria for Nigeria. Our Dream is to have a renowned label to cater to everyone and most especially couture for African Films in Hollywood, Nollywood, International Beauty Pageants, Award nights, Red Carpets, Ceremonials, Bridals, etc. Also ready to wear for specials at moderate/affordable prices in good quality fabrics and designs. I look forward to showcasing at Paris, London, and New York Fashion Week. To win outstanding international designer awards, and produce international fashion shows, and beauty pageants.

STYLE: Style to us is about knowing what to wear on what occasions and how to wear it. We are at home producing high Fashion, Ethnic, and Unique but original creations. We have a wealth of experience working as Modeling Instructors, scouts,  Agent/Manager, Fashion Stylist and Make-up Artist, show Choreographer and Designer. We are in Business to present the best Africa can offer to the world in our range of vibrant prints (Cotton, Satin.Tye Dye, Batik, Adire, Kampala, Jute Sac, Linen, Rafia, Threading materials Beaded/Embroidered or embelished finishing. We use a lot of natural accessories such as Wood, Rubber, Raffia, Calabash, Feathers, Seeds, Fruits and Leather.