Celebrating Nigeria at 56

Happy Independence Patriotic Nigerians. As we celebrate Nigeria’s 56th independence anniversary,let’s endeavor to be recursive to the intrepid and valiant labors of our heroes past.


What is more, let’s remain steadfast, resilient and committed to the Nigeria project, the centrifugal forces pulling her to survive as a political entity nevertheless.


Although the the current monumental recession and penury rocking our darling country were neither the dreams of our founding fathers for our darling country Nigeria, nor give hope for optimism.


Nevertheless, it is my prayers that the ‘change’ should forthwith, begin to change what it has failed to change since the inauguration of this change regime.


Indeed, our founding fathers founded Nigeria on love, altruism, unity, the spirit of oneness, togetherness, fellow-feeling and brotherliness.


Unfortunately, tribalism, statism,regionalism, ethnicism, parochialism, favouritism, greed,nepotism, egocentrism, political megalomania, political hedonism and epicureanism, Machiavellian rabid quest for power have substituted the labors of our nationalist heroes.


On the whole, the abysmal standard of living in the country today, I’m quite sure,will be an issue of humongous sorrow for our founding fathers wherever they are. This is because they didn’t labor for us to be in this current forms of human degradation and pitiable conditions.


According, let’s concertedly entrench the Nigeria of the dreams of our founding fathers and uphold their past labors as well as the honour and past glory of Nigeria.


Long live Nigeria… Long live fellow compatriots…. God bless us all.

Happy Independence Day

From we all at Modelacouture

Photos: Calabar Carnival Celebration 2016

Photos: Calabar Carnival Celebration 2016

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our customers, business partners,Honorable President of FADAN,Excos& all members,Models, families,neighbors,friends,fans and all our well wishers all the blessings of Christmas. Happy Christmas from we all at ModelaCouture

Modela Couture presentation at OYemi Fashion show

Modela Couture presentation at OYemi Fashion show

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